A Clock for Every Occasion!

What would your perfect clock look like? Would it have numbers? Would it have markers? Would it be an abstract interpretation of these? Mine would have a minimal face with a simple marker dial however recently I am being forced to rethink this and consider an alternative option in the house. As our children are starting to read the time it is important that we have a clock that has clear numbering. Lucky for us, and hopefully you too, we stock a number of different options that cover your different wants and needs without ever compromising on style.

The Clock for the Minimaist

The Delta clock from Danish studio Lawa Design is a very clever design as it utilises the play of shadows in a thoughtful way. The folds in the face indicate the passing hours and create subtle tonal shadows as the clock interacts with the light around it. With this clock we are offered a refreshing yet familiar take on how we read the hours of the day.

Modern, understated and effortlessly stylish.

lawa design modern scandinavian oak wall clock  lawa design modern scandinavian white wall clock  lawa design the delta clock black wall clock

The Clock for the Mid-Century Lover

The Luggage Clock from iconic British brand Newgate was inspired by the classic mid-century railway station clocks that the brand's founders collected whilst on their travels across Europe. This industrial, glavanised metal wall clock comes in a variety of colour options for the hands and has become a design classic. This timeless clock will grow old with you and we can guarantee your children will try to pinch it for their house!

newgate the luggage wall clock galvanised metal  newgate the luggage wall clock galvanised metal the luggage clock newgate green hands

The Clock for Modern Family Life

The Echo Number Three clock, also from Newgate, is an easy to read yet stylish clock that is available in seven colour options so there is an option for every decor out there! It is beautifuly simple with a minimalist straight cut case.

newgate echo number three wall clock   newgate echo number three wall clock  echo number three newgate wall clock


The Clock to get you up in the Morning!

The Wideboy Alarm Clock. This one is important. Leave the phone downstairs to give your mind a rest from all things digital  . . . .  yes, even from us!

Get retro and give this beauty a shot as it will certainly add a bit of style to the bedside table! The silent-sweep movement eliminates the usual ticking noise making this alarm clock quieter than most, ideal for by the bed or in the study. The clock has a digital beep alarm for that all important wakeup call.

newgate wideboy alarm clock       newgate wideboy alarm clock


There's more! Check out our full selection of clocks by clicking here.

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