Best-Selling Unique Christmas Gifts

Here at Urban Coo we are honing our collections year after year to bring you a modern and unique selection of design gifts for your loved ones. All of our artwork is on sale at present and a few choice gifts too, allowing you to pick up a bargin before christmas.

We are working hard to focus our attention on brands who place a high importance on design and craftsmanship, are environmentally friendly and are working to or have completely excluded plastics from their products and supply chains. Here are a few unusual gift ideas to mull over. Head over and check out our current collections and of course grab yourself a bargin on the sale page before it's too late!

Gift For the Crafty Friend

This fantastic humback whale comes in a kit ready to be assembled. A wonderful present for someone who is soon expecting or looking for an unusual gift for a creative friend.

humpbackwhale paperlamp

Gift For the Cyclist Friend

This reflective tote bag / backpack would make a fantastic gift for your freind or loved one who spends a bit of time on their bike, skateboard or any pursuit after dark. It is a lightweight bag which is highly versatile and transitions easily from tote to backpack.

Notabag reflective cyclist bag and backpack

 Gift for the Music Lover

These fantastic kokeshi dolls are wonderful incarnations of various notable music, fashion and art icons. They are humorous and beautifully executed. Pop one of these on the mantlepiece and you have an instant talking point!

David Bowie kokeshi doll

Gift For Environmentally Concious

Looking at these bags you would not expect them to be made from paper would you? They are durable, they are strong, they are washable and they are extremely versatile. They have very strong eco-credentials so they are a guilt free and as a major plus they look beautiful.

reusable metallic paper bags Uashmama



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