Our favourite home accessory trends this summer

A season to be brave with your home accessories  

Heading into warmer weather is the perfect time to revamp your summer décor. Ring in the season on trend with bold colours, fun details, mixed metal features, and nature-inspired accents.

Energizing Splashes of Colour


A fun splash of colour is a simple yet effective way to bring the feeling of summer into your home. This summer, home décor is all about saturated, bold colours to brighten up your space. You don’t have to spend tonnes of money and time to achieve this summery look – find a pair of bold, patterned throw pillows to liven up your couch, like these jazz cushions from Fun Makes Good. These beautiful cushions create a striking and dynamic design through mix geometric shapes, strong lines, soft luxurious fabrics, and bold colour. Crafted by hand, these can take your space from spring to summer. If throw pillows aren’t your thing, try something a little smaller, like this colourful vase from Fundamental Berlin, inspired by the shimmering colour you see when oil and water mix.

Interesting Details

From painted kitchen backsplashes to crystal décor, the key this summer is to collect a variety of unique and fun pieces that add character and interest.

To add some motion to your space, try this Beads Crystal Candle Holder – it’s sure to be an instant talking point! Three crystalline forms come together to reveal a unique tie-dye effect. For a more hand-crafted look, this iconic London Cityscape by Stories In Structures is made of 100% FSC certified birch and adds detail and charm to any space.

Mixed Metals


Celebrity designers like Max Humphrey claim that playing with mixed metal is a fun way to add dimension and break up the predictable this summer. Black metal knobs on kitchen cabinetry with fun pops of gold or silver metal accents make a space feel modern and unique.

House Doctor’s beautiful asymmetric lamp shade ads a geometric element to any space while being playful and fun. With this trend, you don’t have to worry if it matches your coffee table. If you’re looking to make a smaller change, try this simple yet stylish brown black vase. It’s made of glass, though on first glance it looks more like metal. The drilled pattern on the vase gives it a deep texture, allowing light to play on its surface. Alone or with a bouquet of flowers, its sure to add a little something extra to any room.

Nods to Nature


From pendant lights woven with branches to tables made of petrified wood, the newest trends in summer home décor honour the natural world. Modern, minimalist spaces can sometimes feel cold and sterile. Wooden touches warm up spaces and bring an element of coziness. These beautiful walnut boxes from Spain’s Mad Lab add a touch of wood while providing some practicality in the form of storage. Made with inlaid brass, these exquisite boxes are high quality and are designed to be the perfect place to hide your treasures.

Wooden features don’t necessarily have to be lacking colour. These fabulous wooden houses are full of character and charm. They add a wooden touch, while also warming up your home with a touch of colour.

Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought on how you can get the most out of your space this summer, no matter how large or small your canvas.

Until the next time, we hope you enjoy browsing our collection.

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