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Established in 1972, Kinto is a Japanese brand who aim to create products that will enrich your everyday life. Their idea is to slow down and enjoy the moment which is extremely poignant right now as we navigate our way through this global pandemic. This virus has forced even the fastest paced of us to slow down, rethink and to appreciate what is around us.

Kinto have a back to basics approach. They make products which hold the perfect balance between usability and aesthetics and place value on simplicity and elegance.

Slow living, something perhaps we should all take with us moving forward.

Slow Coffee Brewer Set

This is the creme de la creme. I just love this one for it's elegance and simplicity. It feels very grown up and classic with it's solid walnut base and sexy brass detailing. Most importantly, it makes a wonderfully rich coffee which will ensure that slow coffee brewing becomes your new daily ritual.


Unimug | Tea for one?

These little beauties are perfect for when you want that little cup of tea with no fuss. A bit of time on your own to observe the water slowly change to the pefect hue, remove the infuser and then voila you can sit back and enjoy.  I have only recently become aware of the amount of plastic that is in your average tea bag so am joining the masses that are moving toward tea leaves. These cups certainly celebrate the beauty of the brew, as do our other glass teapots from Kinto. The full collection can be viewed here.


Reusable Bottles

In a move toward a more sustainble future it is imperative that we all own a reusable water bottle. Our Kinto collection carries with it two options. The workout bottle and the day off tumbler.

The workout bottle is lightweight and durable and is extremely easy to carry with simple flexible strap. I love the fact the body unscrews on this bottle, allowing you to add ice cubes and clean the inside very easily.

The day off tumbler is minimal, sleek and stylish. Perfect for taking out for the day as it will keep your drink hot, or cool, for around 6 hours. A very stylish forever bottle.

   Kinto day off tumbler by Kinto


Our full Kinto collection can be viewed here.

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