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We have a new brand on board and we are very excited about this one. 

Lawa Design is the brainchild architects Ewa Brayzek and Allen Shakir, a pair who founded Lawa quite by accident when on the search for the perfect pendant.  Their search proved fruitless and inspired them to design and manufacture their own!   If working for two of the most prominent Danish architecture practices was not enough, they tirelessly worked through various prototypes until they had designed the perfect pendant, now called the Arc Pendant.  It is made from plywood and creates a wonderful warm glow when lit which highlights its beautiful architectonic dome.  They have gone on to design two further products, the Delta Clock and the Twist Shelf - both are beautifully simple pieces of design and this may be why the Twist shelf has recently been shortlisted for the Danish Design Award 2019.  Fabulous news!


The duo design with three principles in mind; minimalism, practicality and playfulness.  To design a simple product is not as easy as it sounds but when things are brought back to a simple state, to the necessities, the object then proves its worth - if it is still useful and beautiful then it is successful.  If it is no longer useful or beautiful then it is not good enough.  Decoration or ornament should not be what gives an object its purpose.  I love these Lawa products because they strictly adhere to these principles and thus are beautiful and timeless objects of exquisite quality which will stand the test of time.

To view all of Lawa Design products click here.

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