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Head over to our artwork page and you will see some fabulous new prints.  My absolute favourite thing about running Urban Coo is choosing the products and i'm an art lover too so it is such a joy to look out for new contemporary artwork.  One of our new artists is Loulou Avenue, her work is beautiful. I thought you may want to know a little more about her before you purchase her work!

Liv Ann van der Laan is the woman behind Loulou Avenue, a dutch visual artist known for her beautiful one-line drawings. She studied graphic design at the Italian School of Art and then at the Beaux-Arts in Amsterdam before starting her own studio.

Loulou Avenue focuses on portraiture, developing drawings with a vintage aesthetic that is identifiable at first glance - often a simple stroke of a pencil or brush, each full of emotion. When I look at her work I instantly see influences of Picasso; the strong and single lines that are able to convey so much. It tuns out she did indeed spend a great deal of time pouring over Picasso books, inspired by his ways of working and his surroundings.

Simplicity and minimalism is key to her lifestyle and so ink and charcoal was a natural choice of material. Textural and quite unexpected, these materials can convey so much.

How to style your Loulou Avenue print? Mix it up. Get some new frames, mix with some old, gather your favourite photographs and create a bit of personality on your walls. Go on, do it!

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Serious Dreamer and Sunkissed are printed by Paper Collective and each purchase will help support their charitable project to build a school in Nepal.  Read more about it here.

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