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handpainted doorstop as Iris Adfel

Colourful & Cool Handpainted Doorstops

We really felt that it would lift our mood to have a bit more fun and colour on offer from Urban Coo, especially at the moment, you know, dealing with a global pandemic and all that! After a year of masks, social distancing and homeschooling we been challenged to the very limit and we are exhausted - well, we may not be able to dress up to the nines and head out on the town but we can offer you a refreshing splash of colour!

New to Urban Coo are these beautiful handpainted and wonderfully unique doorstoppers from 'Meet The Wedgies'. As well as being a great product, we love the story behind this British brand which was started in 2015 by a couple who met in Sri Lanka and were inspired to set up shop using a local supplier.

The wedgies are sure to make you smile every day. They are the perfect unique gift or a personal treat and they bring with them a little bit of joy.


handpainted doorstop as wonderwoman

Ethical Gift

The wedgies are made and handpainted in Sri Lanka and are part of an initiative which is commited to empowering rural communities. Unpainted wedgies are delivered directly to employees' houses, along with the paint etc. and once the wedgies are completed they are paid for on collection. The idea is that this offers people in rural communities an income with some flexibility and without prescribed hours.


wooden doorstop manufacture photograph

wooden doorstop manufacture photograph

So, the only choice left to make is who will you have hold the door open for you? Sir Elton? Or how about the flamboyant artist Grayson Perry? Our personal favourite is Iris Apfel, the ultimate New York fashion icon.

handpainted doorstop as Sir Elton John
handpainted doorstop as Superman

You can view our collection of wedgies here.

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