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Our love for this Danish design brand never ends. MOEBE was started in 2014 by Danish architects Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd and cabinet maker Anders Thams. It is a brand built on the well founded principle that a great design has to do more than just look good and as a result the MOEBE collection is indeed as practical as it is beautiful.

moebe danish design products

Sustainable Design for a Circular Economy

Let us lay down the design principles that Moebe have placed upon themselves, they are an admirable design brand with an ambitious environmental agenda.

moebe danish design



moebe modular picture frame in oak
MADE TO LAST - All Moebe designs come with a 5 year warranty which covers any functional, material or manufacturing defect.
RIGHT TO REPAIR - Moebe products are of modular design which allows them to be easily repaired should they break. Spare parts can be purchased directly from Moebe.
PRODUCED WITH CARE - More than 40% of production takes place in Denmark and 95% of total production takes place within the EU, this minimises unnecessary transport in the supply chain.
PACKAGED RESPONSIBLY - Moebe products are packaged in cardboard-based packaging, with no lamination, which allows it to be easily recycled.
OPTIMISED FOR TRANSPORT - Products are constructed from individual parts allowing them to be packaged in their most reduced form.
CERTIFICATIONS - Moebe believe in working with suppliers who respect the natural environment. All wood is European and they are recognised by trusted organisations such as FSC®, PEFC® and EU Ecolabel® across many of their designs.
moebe danish design products

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