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All good ideas start with a pen and paper. You know that you have a good one but how do you convince everyone else? It did not take Scandinavian brand Moebe long to convince others, which says a great deal. Architects Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd and cabinet maker Anders Thams wandered the streets of Copenhagen to sell their innovative frames and soon were struggling to keep up with demand. The Danes liked them.

Moebe Frame

Moebe frame

Take a common product which one feels cannot be reinvented and strip it back to basics; a frame generally has four strips of wood (lists) bonded together to form the frame. Moebe decided that the lists did not need to be bonded together but held tightly instead - in comes the rubber band to hold it all together. Their new design would have no internal mount so one can choose to display art or flat objects such as pressed flowers with ease.

Moebe frame

Assembly and disassembly is straightforward and their resulting design is so simple and elegant that it almost seems obvious. Why did no-one think of this before you ask? Perhaps because it takes real talent to produce a genuinely simple design. In our world we love to over complicate everything, it's time to take a leaf out of Moebe's book!

The Moebe frame is available in Oak or Black and in sizes A4, A3 and A2.

Moebe frame image

Moebe Frameless Mirror

This mirror displays a strong architectural aesthetic with clean lines and beautiful detailing. Another wonderfully simple design from Moebe. The mirror comes in 3 sizes and 4 finishes - brass, black, chrome or white.

Moebe frameless mirror

Moebe frameless mirror 

Moebe Hook

Formed from one continuous element shaped to hang over the top or hook to the bottom. You can buy the Moebe hook in large or small, in black or brass.

Moebe hook

Moebe hook

These days Moebe are a massive success and they sell their distinctive products worldwide. Their portfolio has grown to include many products, all of which display a homogeneous aesthetic.

You can view our full range of products from Moebe by clicking here.


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