Our top 5 unique gifts this month

Struggling with unique gift ideas? Here are some of our favourites!

Finding the perfect something for someone special can often seem like a near-impossible task, especially if you’ve already exhausted your usual go to’s.

Here are some of our favourite unique gifts currently available at Urban Coo for those who wish to say “well done”, “congratulations” or “thank you” in style!


ArchitectMade's Penguin

Wooden Penguin

Who doesn’t love penguins? These cute birds are famous for mating for life, but their romantic loyalty is just part of their appeal. Did you also know that penguins laugh when they are tickled, call out to each other in song, and use stones as tools?

That lovability and fascination are embodied in these stunning wooden penguins in two different sizes (which complement each other beautifully). They are crafted from beech wood and then hand-painted to represent the distinctive plumage of these sweet creatures.


Butterflies Mobile

Butterflies Mobile

Equally heartwarming and universally appreciated is this colourful and delicate mobile from Flensted.

It would make a lovely eye-catcher in a nursery but also lends itself just as well to being a quirky gift to place in a kitchen, conservatory or bedroom.

One of the reasons this design makes such a unique present for all ages is that the system to suspend the cheerful butterflies is all but invisible, making it look like the pretty red, green, blue, orange and yellow creatures are flying free!


Beads Crystal Candleholder

Crystal Candle Holder

This is a more practical but still highly unusual gift. The candle holder is certain to be well received and a great talking point!

It matches all interior designs and a wide range of tastes due to the highly distinctive tie-dye effect ingrained within its solid crystal structure. Further gracious style comes from its appealing triple base design.

This visionary piece was produced by the dynamic Fundamental Berlin brand and offers the recipient an item they can use or display with pride.


Kolekto Small London Cityscape

Silhouettes of famous landscapes are highly popular, but why not go one better and gift someone this three-dimensional artwork?

This is not just a unique gift for someone who loves London, it has strong appeal for anyone who enjoys beautiful things.

It takes the form of six iconic London landmarks, which then melt together on a stand to create an interesting architectural perspective.

Handcrafted by Stories in Structures – who are Copenhagen architects – this quality gift idea is carved from 100% FSC certified birch and uses sustainable paint and organic walnut oil in its fabulous finish.


My Mirror

The industrial style of interior design has come of age in recent times, though if you are looking for unusual gifts, this funky concrete-based mirror would look good amongst many styles of interior décor.

It is practical too, as this item’s chic base is fabulous for holding either makeup or jewellery, or indeed smaller bathroom accessories.

Designed by Moxon London, My Mirror is smooth to the touch and super cool in its form. A further reason it makes an ideal gift is that it comes beautifully presented in its own packaging.

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