Season's Shifting

I love autumn, a time when nature throws out a last burst of vibrant colour before the long hibernation ahead. Kids spend their days kicking bright orange leaves and watching in wonder as their cloudy breath cuts through the crisp morning air. As it gets colder I find myself reaching for comforts; for candles, cosy throws, hot chocolate, fairy lights and when it gets cold enough I look forward to lighting the fire. This is what I love about the living in the northern hemisphere - the hunkering down and getting cosy. We spend so much time in our homes over this period so lets fill them with things we love!

Soy Candles and Gorgeous Scents

So first thing's first, the candles..... oh yes, we have candles and they are all 100% natural! Take your pick from PF Candle Co classic soy candles, which adorn all the coolest homes in California or how about the fabulous candles from Laura Thomas Co with fresh scents hand poured in Scotland. We have a selection from Scandinavian brand Meraki which are presented in a lovely candle box and poured in a minimal white jar, giving off a beautiful muted glow when lit. If you need to brighten up your dinner table or liven up the candelabra then check our our selection of striped dinner candles from British Colour Standard, they are very unique and look super cool.


Take time to consider wellness

Natural soaps, hand creams and eye pillows. Never fear, we have you covered! Check out our collections from Scandinavian brand Meraki which includes gift boxes, perfect for Christmas. You also just have to check out the range of natural salt soap from Dook, a Scottish company creating luxurious soap bars from natural ingredients. they are beautifully poured, so much so that they look good enough to eat! Moving further to the idea of relaxation, have a look at these wonderful eye pillows from Blasta Henriet; they are all natural and made in the United Kingdom.

blasta henriet natural wheeat eye pillow

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