Beautiful Bird Feeders for Spring.

I was walking the kids to school this morning and noticed the blossom starting to appear on the trees, the daffodils and crocuses are starting to add a bit of colour to our wintery world. These small pops of colour are essential at this time of year as they provide us with a much needed bit of hope and remind us that spring time is near. Soon we will be ditching the duvet jackets and the woolly hats in favour of our sunnies - oh yes!

Stylish Bird Feeders

Eva solo bird feeders

The other thing that I become more aware of at this time of year are the birds and the garden. I think city living makes your garden even more of a treasured gem, that little space where you can see that nature will always flourish when given the chance. The birds will come if they have the right food, or perch or home. Talking of which, we now sell some pretty damn cool bird accessories. We have places to live, places to hide and some perfect little perches for them to show off. Quite simply, they will be the coolest birds on the block and the envy of the neighbourhood!

Bird Shelter

Every great garden must have some shelter for the birds too. These shelters are made from strong, weather resistant materials and an elegant porcelain dome. The woven rush will encourage the birds to nest.

This bird shelter is £39 and is ready to go!

Eva solo bird shelter

We all know that those pesky pigeons and magpies bully their way in past the little blue tits. Well this feeder is designed with this in mind, lets be kind to those small beaks. This feeder has a top to protect against large birds stealing the prize and a cleverly designed stainless steel base allowing easy access feeding for the smaller birds. Eva Solo really follow on the Danish tradition of being masters of design. Their products are always functional, always beautiful and always built to last - they are an investment.

Eva solo bird feeders

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