The World of Sketch Inc. for Lucie Kaas

Who is your favourite?  Mine is Audrey, along with alot of other people it seems! The thing i love most about the world of Sketch Inc. is that it is fun.  Usually i am one who admires and appreciates the beauty in the understated.  I generally respect that form follows and function and believe the most beautiful objects and designs will emerge from this but Sketch Inc. is quite the opposite!

These dolls are hugely popular and we can see why.  They are fun, playful, full of character and clearly not altogether necessary but i still want them in my life! 

What better way to immortalise your favourite figure from the art or fashion world by having them on your shelf, along all their little friends of course!  They are infact bigger than you would expect and have a pleasing weight to them when held in the hand.  They come in a lovely dust bag and box so would make a perfect gift.

Urban Coo have also just received delivery of these fab keychains. Take your favourite with you everywhere you go!
You can shop all our items from Lucie Kaas here.

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