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We have recently expanded our range of Uashmama paper bags and plan to continue doing so. The more I try to switch my habits to use less plastic and reduce my carbon footprint, the more thirst I have for this kind of lifestyle. Things that in the past perhaps would not have bothered me suddenly drive me absolutely crazy - we need to change our habits before its too late!

We do truly believe that we can do that and not compromise on style by supporting innovative designers, responsible manufacturers and purchasing only quality items that will last a very long time. This is why Uashmama remain up there for us.

Organic, Vegan, Washable Paper

Uashmama organic vegan washable paper laundry bagThese laundry or storage bags are a great addition to our collection. They are again made from the Uashmama washable paper which consists of 100% natural fibres and is produced in a sustainable way. Here at Urban Coo it is about function, longevity and sustainability but it is also about beauty. We appreciate the beauty in crafted, quality objects that are going to last a long time. This bag is going to last a very long time!

The fibres (cellulose) from which the paper is made come from nursery trees from Northern Europe where deforestation is controlled. In Tuscany, where the family live, the material is further processed in to the washable paper that we know - vegan fats ensure the paper gets the right softness, the correct strength and also the water resistance. Vegetable dyes are used for colouring. Then with a traditional stone roll (of more than 100 years old) the paper is rolled, giving it the AGGO (washable paper) appearance. Perfecto!

This bag can be used for laundry but also toys, blankets or any additional items that need to be hidden away. It has a drawstring closure in coloured organic linen which is produced entirely in Tuscany. The bag is 33cm w x 33cm d x 46cm high.

You can view the colour choices and other paper bags in our Uashmama collection here.

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