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We have recently introduced more wellness items to our store. We have been looking for products that have a fair price point, use natural ingredients and of course look and smell fantastic.

Natural, Artisan Salt Soap from Dook of Edinburgh

Just look at these soaps. They are beautiful. We just love the way that this small studio in Edinburgh have first of all worked out the secret to a very special, natural soap but secondly they clearly have an artistic eye to create such a thing of beauty. These are soaps that you want in your house!

Thesy are made in small batches using organic ingredients, essential oils and natural colours. Each batch is poured by hand resulting in their distinctive, high-quality hand and body soap. The salt adds a beautiful colour and texture, is rich in skin-loving materials and creates a firm, long-lasting bar. Try them out for yourself and you will not look back!

To view our full 'Dook' range click here.

Paraben Free | Palm Oil Free | Cruelty Free | Vegan | Organic




Meraki | Scandinvaian Wellbeing

Meraki make well-being and lifestyle products which are designed and developed in Denmark. They only use gentle and nourishing ingredients which are carefully selected for quality and aroma and are based on pure and simple principles. Meraki products are free of parabens, colourants and only contain mild preservatives. The use of essential oils, including extracts of leaves, nuts and flowers are used for both fragrance and effect.

We have fantastic gift boxes which are fantastic value and offered in three different scents.


View our full range of Meraki products here.

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