Why we love… Lucie Kaas products

Who is Lucie Kaas?

Classic and timeless, yet whimsical and fun, Lucie Kaas is a Danish agency which has been giving Scandinavian design a new flare since 2012. Founded by Esben Gravlev Rasmussen, their main goal has been to revive home objects from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, including products like the unique “Bordfolk” egg cups. The cups represent different characters, each with their own style and personality, and are sure to brighten up any breakfast table. Since it’s inception, Lucie Kaas’ range of products has grown beyond egg cups to include home décor and other kitchen essentials that are beautiful, but are also designed to make you think. While Esben’s team looks to the past for inspiration, it also focuses on creating new interpretations of vintage designs.

Although a relatively new outfit, Lucie Kaas’ elegant designs have triggered international success. Esben has lead the company in new directions through collaborations with both national and international designers who bring fresh perspectives and explore using various colours, shapes and materials. Their design philosophy does not follow any rigid rules; instead, Lucie Kaas aims to add beauty and something a little extraordinary to the home. As stated on their website, Lucie Kass products “are based on what we like, our travels, interactions and moods”.

Lucie Kaas Wooden Dolls

What kind of products do they make?

Lucie Kaas has an affinity with understated design. Drawing influence from several sources including both Danish nature and urban landscapes, the design collective creates a diverse variety of fresh and modern urban homewares, from lamps to vases, teacups to mirrors, and plant holders to delightful wooden figurines. These extraordinary pieces fit in perfectly with modern Scandinavian interiors, not forgetting to help create an atmosphere of “hygge” – a Danish word for a feeling or moment that may be charming, cozy, or special.

Lucie Kaas regularly collaborates with designers, including character design specialists from Sketch Inc. -  the two worked together to create a whimsical collection of hand-painted Kokeshi dolls which represent some of the greatest icons and legends in the music, fashion, and art worlds. The cast of characters includes influential figures like Audrey Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, and Andy Warhol, each handmade and unique. Some of these figurines also come in the form of a keychain if you’re looking for a smaller, portable option. This way, you can carry your favourite icon wherever you go.

Lucie Kaas Vases

Why do we love them?

Offering a modern take on 60’s styles, Lucie Kaas designs take your home from spring to summer with appealing patterns and décor items. Nostalgic pieces like the eggcups can bring back happy childhood memories and make great, unusual gifts for any occasion. Most importantly, Lucie Kaas inspires us to add a touch of cozy, extraordinary “hygge” to our living spaces! We hope their timeless, yet whimsical designs inspire you as well.

Check out our ever expanding Lucie Kaas selection here.

Lucie Kaas Ziggy Stardust Wooden Doll

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