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Zoo Portraits is a brilliant photo manipulation project by Barcelona based artist Yago Partal. When we look at these images initially they are just very funny but look more closely and you can start to identify with each one.

Humorous, Modern Wall Art

First of all we love Craig, the Scottish Bull. When we started Urban Coo we took the word Coo from the beloved highland cow, which we are so familiar with. So to see the highland cow in his cut-off denim jacket and white shirt, it reminded of us of our teenage days hanging out at cheesy nightclubs in the north of Scotland. There's our childhood rolled into one, right there!

Your Best Friend is Way Cooler than You!

Then we have Abby, the British Shorthair Cat. She's got the most adorable expression on her face. It feels like shes ready to head out by your side but with that little hat, she's just too damn cool. Who knew?!

A real bit of fun wall art to bring a bit of life and colour into your space.

Just look at Titus, the Pygmy Hippo. How can you look at him and not smile? He's a puddle jumper, of course he is, he's a hippo! My kids would really love Titus.


To see our full Zoo Portraits collection from Yago Partal click here.

Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal is printed by Evermade, an independent London print company who collaborate with artists, designers and illustrators to offer a collection of playfully eclectic and design-led prints.

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