ArchitectMade | Timeless Wooden Objects

'Designed with the precision of an architect and the vision of an artist'.

We love this statement which comes from ArchitectMade, a modern Danish company that produce timeless design icons drawn by some of the most acclaimed architects of all time. ArchitectMade was founded in 2004 by Morten Thonsgaard Jensen in an effort to bring to life some of the forgotten musings and concepts of Denmark's greatest architects and designers, including Jorn Utzon, Paul Kjaerholm and Finn Juhl. 

We love that ArchitectMade look beyond aesthetics to ensure that they are manufacturing timeless products that will be passed down generations. These are products that you cannot tire of looking at. Testament to their elegant simplicity and craftsmanship they have become icons, standing the test of time and serving as a reminder that in today's trending world, quality it still timeless.