About Us


We are Jo and Calum, an architect and a film editor who have a shared passion for design.

We care, we care a lot!

We care about design, we care about the environment and we care about what the future world will look like for our children. We believe that we should be buying responsibly and by this we mean that products must be built to last, must be innovative and must have strong environmental credentials. We also strongly believe that alongside all of this, we must not leave behind beauty. Products can embody all of these things and still be beautiful. Design is inspiring and we want to ensure that the best of it makes it through!

We try our very best to discover and support brands that we believe are working toward these goals to create a sustainable future for us all.


Urban Coo?

Well this is a nod to our homeland of rural Scotland and those familiar hairy beasts roaming nature's space, lochs and munro's and because, today, we are just as familiar with city living. This pic is of Craig, a very modern Highland 'Coo', who makes us smile every day!

craig the higland bull