Anna-Lisa Smith


Anna-Lisa lived for many years in Italy and then Paris before returning to the UK to complete her BA in Textile Design at the University of Derby specialising in weave. 

Her studio was launched in 2014 in West Yorkshire surrounded by many historic weaving mills.  These local mills are not only essential to the running of her business but also serve as an architectural influence.  An abstract interpretation of the glazing bars and brick facades can be seen in both her steps and brick cushions.

The studio produces highly contemporary woven textiles for lovers of striking, simple design and beautiful colour. Drawing inspiration from Bauhaus, Gees Bend Quilts and Joseph Albers amongst others Anna-Lisa reinterprets her inspirations to create pieces which add impact and colour to any space. Working with the principles of Japanese and Northern European design, clean lines, beautiful materials and honest production Anna-Lisa uses only the finest quality wool and works with the skilled local textile mills of Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Her pieces are designed for longevity, they are not fashion items but are timeless objects, designed to be treasured and to bring joy every day.