Colour and Tropical Fun from Studio Roof

Studio roof unique 3d wall decoration

It was the 'Hardy Toucan' that caught my eye initially, hung proudly on the wall in my (very stylish) aunties house.  I immediately found out about the brand and knew we had to sell them at Urban Coo. I am generally a lover of minimalism and simple, refined design but these beauties are the opposite of this - adding a splash of colour to your wall and a bit of fun that is just sure to brighten your day. Who can argue with that, its got to be a good thing, right?  They are unique and stylish and have a great number of eco credentials to boast about too, being made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks.

Unique 3D Gifts - Tropical Birds

Studio Roof tropical birds 3d wall decoration

Here we have the wonderful Grey Parrot, Chirpy Parakeets, Hardy Toucan and the Cool Cockatoo all waiting to brighten your day! They come flatpacked and are very simple to assemble, a fantastic gift idea.

Stylish Stationary

Carrying on the theme to stationary, these fabulous notebooks have the same colourful vibe going on.  They are A5 in size with 128 lined pages and are made from recycled paper.

Studio roof stationary unique A5 lined notepad

Studio Roof are very much a family business. They launched in 2005 with imagination as their motive as they sought to create inspiring pieces for all ages. Their collections are both unique and inspiring so they have absolutely achieved their goal.  Urban Coo will continue to build on our collection so please check back regularly.  If there are any specifics you would like us to stock then get in touch!  You can view our full Studio Roof collection here.

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