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We are keen for Urban Coo to promote and sell brands that run a sustainable operation but do not compromise on design and function.  I was very excited to come across Uashmama (pronounced wash-mama) which is a fabulous example of just this. 

Truly a family enterprise, Uashmama was created by 4 sisters who took to the market products designed with an innovative washable paper which was designed by their father Marco.  The paper undergoes a manufacturing process that is similar to leather where the paper is stretched and tanned but without chemicals. The result is a material that is strong, can be resued, can be washed and looks better with wear - what is not to love!

The company is proud to call itself a cottage industry that employs a large number of local men and woman within their local village in Tuscany. These workers sew together these fabulous bags and help this small village thrive.

The bags embrace a simple utilitarian aesthetic which i love and thus lend themselves to a number of different environments and uses.  What will you use yours for?








See all Uashmama products here.

Take a peek over on instagram and see how people use theirs, the possibilities are endless!

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